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Collaboration is the key to synchronicity in any group. At M4W, we pride ourselves on attracting the best and brightest to help address the challenges we face in wellness today.

Whether we are trying to find the alternatives to big pharma, food and agricultural industries, or optimizing and reversing the ‘sickness’ crisis in the world, we move as a tribe, think as a tribe, and act like a tribe. 

We help optimise Wellness Brands and facilitate opportunity through our network supporting the M4W Community with help from our Wellness Experts.

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Raising awareness for ideas that matter in the wellness community is the driving force behind M4W.  Because there are so many misconceptions with wellness brands, it truly pays to learn, finding the right tools and strategies to raise the content and profiles of people trying to make a difference.
This is the reason we are so passionate about our collaborators and their message to the world. Coming up with full scale strategies in wellness takes thought, then action.
We are in the business of creating. Creating what? Opportunities. Our role is to help both wellness businesses and experts grow together supporting one another, ultimately helping the wellness industry as a whole.
That is our desire. Will you work with us to fashion a better world in wellness? 


We are always striving to be:

Ethical, Conscious, Balanced, Innovative and most importantly Entertaining.

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At Marketer4Wellness we are constantly keeping our community connected. Our goal is to help startups and wellness experts to grow with like-minded individuals while providing opportunities to help develop organisations and networks. Together we can do more!


Branding can be intimidating, especially in a world filled with century old products and timeless services. Understanding the basic fundamentals is commonplace in today's standards norm, but applying expertise and seeing real results involves true skill not taught in average circles.

Become a part of out community and you will meet a welcoming professionals and practitioners who are on a mission to help you discover your brand's voice.


Our journey and our story, like yours, has taken on a life of it's own. It is crucial for every organisation to build around their history, their values, their mission, and overall ethos. 

Together, all these factors bring purpose to the readers as well as clients and collaborators. We believe this to be one of the successful keys for a healthy organisation. Together with M4W and our community you will find a ton of great resources and help on how to create a powerful story behind your wellness brand.


Designing takes careful planning much like in construction, from beginning to end. Wellness brands on many occasions have fallen prey to well intended but overzealous marketing campaigns.


The importance of design can not be overstated, especially when it comes to connecting with your audience, all while developing holistic, genuine, and authentic relationships which ultimately drives business. 


Connect with an M4W Wellness Expert today and get the help you need to manoeuvre through the murky waters of design.


It is not easy to grow a business let alone a Wellness Brand.  Sometimes it takes a village to help you navigate through the murky waters of building and developing an organisation. 


Here at Marketer4Wellness you will meet others who are on the same journey as you, and might even find others that are a little bit further along. Together with our network of facilitators, holistic practitioners, and wellness professionals, you will find all the help you need to take your brand to the next level.



How often do we come across a piece of content or ad that woffles on about how amazing is "me" services or "me" products rather than containing some social proof ? It rarely draws us as consumers to stop and engage regardless whether the content coul...

There is no lack of content on the inter webs on the topic of improving " paid advertising" for your wellness business." A number of proven strategies are widely available to leverage platforms like facebook and/or google aiming for a positive return...

How much data you are prepared to make available to the likes of Facebook and Google is an increasing topic for debate with regards to privacy issues versus the user experience benefits that personalisation offers on those platforms.

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Smart Cash Investments
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Together with M4W You Will:

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- Fast-track your wellness business goals

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